Call of Duty: Modern Warfare scares users with a message about corrupt data

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare scares users with a message about corrupt data

A big scare is what some players of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare have taken to install the new patch of the new production of Infinity Ward, which adds, among other things, the crossbow as a selectable weapon. However, certain users have encountered a disconcerting message. And it is that as you can read on Reddit, the error ensures that the data “is corrupt or that it has not been installed correctly.” Next, you are asked to restart your range and all unlocked.

On paper, that means the whole progression disappears. The American studio has stepped up and at first has asked the player not to select any of the two options that appear next to the message. “We are investigating a problem that caused users to receive a message informing them that their data was corrupt or that they had not been downloaded incorrectly,” they explain on Twitter. “Please do not select any options, close the application directly.”

Soon after, the developer has published a statement with the aim of reassuring all those who selected one of the options. If you clicked “no” and closed the game, “your statistics will be intact. Feel free to play as usual. ” However, if you clicked on the “yes” option, you will discover that your combat statistics, specialists, etc. They have restarted. However, nothing related to progression will have been altered.

According to those responsible, they are working on an update that will eliminate once and for all the problems. Meanwhile, you can play normally without the progression being modified. Of course, they warn, “once we have the patch, we may have to go back and leave the statistics in a state prior to the last update.”

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