Call of Duty Modern Warfare Battle Royale could be revealed next week

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Battle Royale could be revealed next week

Since before the launch of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019), rumors have circulated about the possible arrival of a Battle Royale mode. So far, developers have denied this, but recent evidence suggests that it will soon happen. The newest track is official and seems to suggest that the mode will arrive next week.

Players have begun to notice something very strange on the new Bazaar map. In a location of this place it is possible to see a sign with what appears to be an indecipherable map and just below it you can read the date “03/03”, either in the English system or in ours, indicates that It’s March 3. Given this, players are thinking that this will be the date when Warzone (the supposed Battle Royale mode) will reach the title or that, at least, this will be the day when it will be announced. A detail that seems to reinforce this is that this day will be Tuesday, the day on which the title updates always appear.

As if this were not enough, players have also found more clues within the game, such as a poster of the movie “Warbeast” (very similar to the name “Warzone”;) that will be released on the billboard on March 3, at least in the fictional world of the game.

As we told you, Activision has not revealed official information, but something that also suggests that the Battle Royale will happen shortly is that clues were found that point to a launch within Season 2, in addition to Activision embarking on a search for users who leaked art from the supposed Warzone mode.

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