Bethesda Confirms New Release Date For Fallout 76 On Steam

Bethesda Confirms New Release Date For Fallout 76 On Steam

It is no secret to anyone that Bethesda has had some trouble getting Fallout 76 afloat. It has long been confirmed that the title would be released on Steam, representing a new opportunity for the company to prove the project is salvageable.

Previously, it was confirmed that Fallout 76 would be coming to Steam on April 7. However, Bethesda made some changes and announced a new release date. He also confirmed that the game will arrive on the Valve platform with highly anticipated content.

Fallout 76 will be available on Steam from April 14. That day will also mark the arrival of Wastelanders, an expansion that has been delayed on several occasions. If you already have the PC game in your account, you can get it at no cost on Steam.

This will be possible thanks to a promotion that is already available and will end on April 13. To do this you only have to link your Steam account with that of Bethesda. This way you will automatically receive the game in the Valve store.

The company detailed that it will not be possible to transfer Atoms or active subscriptions to Fallout 1st between platforms. Despite this, items purchased with your Bethesda account will still be available on Steam.

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