Beautiful Final Fantasy VII Remake Opening Movie

Final Fantasy VII Remake Epic Opening Movie

Square Enix has posted Final Fantasy VII Remake opening cinematic, which shows off the first snippet of the game alongside a bigger look at Midgar.

The scene, which presumably plays when you start a new game, shows the industrial city of Midgar and the desolate world outside of it. Flowers and trees don’t thrive within the city, with huge energy reactors planted around it, sucking the life out of the planet. However, the flower seller we know and love, Aerith, has managed to cultivate life within Midgar, even if it’s unappreciated.

The scene cuts to a train pulling up to Sector 1 train station, bringing us to our hero, Cloud Strife. From here, Cloud will start his first mission working with Avalanche to help bring down the Shinra Electric Company.

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