Backbone a stealth retrofuturist indie​

Backbone a stealth retrofuturist indie

Indie video games have less and less to envy to higher category games.

The Eggnut studio, which is responsible for the development of Backbone will bring us a game with a pixel art design that will arrive soon in Spain

We talk about a 2D title from side perspective. With a visual style very similar to the films of the black cinema of the 30s, Backbone presents us with a dystopian adventure in a world that is halfway between the past and the future.

We will embody Howard Lotor, a detective who has a human body and a raccoon head. It should be noted that all the beings that we will find in the universe of this game have an anthropomorphic aspect, that is, they will be crossings of human with animal.


Backbone combines the visual and social contrasts of black cinema with anthropomorphic animals, retrofuturist technology and dystopian fiction. Go through the dark alleys of a pixelated version of Vancouver and experience the shocking story focused on issues of power and prejudice. About the game:


Explore a world alive and rich in details. Backbone is set in a dystopian version of Vancouver, with real places and stunning pixel landscapes.

A thematic and stylistic fusion of cinema noir, anthropomorphic animals, retrofuturism and dystopian societies. The world of Backbone is something you’ve never seen before, but you’ve always wanted.

A challenging story that will make you think, with issues of power, corruption, social deterioration and systemic discrimination. Backbone tells the story about how our environment affects us, and how we influence it.


 Investigate. Collect evidence, interrogate witnesses, join the points and follow clues for yourself. No one will take you by the hand: advance through the game following your own rules. Each case has multiple paths, and which one you follow depends on you.

Stealth and action. In the animal world, smell is the most important sense. Hide in complex environments, hide your smell in garbage cans, stay suspicious and run away from your pursuers.

Special abilities. The Artifact is a piece of unique and ancient technology of unknown origins. If you learn to use it, it could change the order of things … or destroy it.


The planet is full of anthropomorphic animals of different species. The streets of Vancouver are covered with gigantic plants and trees. Branches, vines and roots cover and cross the asphalt. Large flowers occupy the roofs of the buildings.

The Great Apes call themselves the founding fathers of this world, and they are the moral and political compass of society. Citizens are divided into informal classes depending on their species. The political forces are corrupt, and the glass ceiling seems to be impossible to break.

Vancouver is surrounded by huge walls to make sure no one from outside can enter. Crossing the wall is strictly prohibited, and the only thing that lives outside are wild and hostile creatures.

Howard Lotor is a raccoon and a private investigator who does not feel he belongs anywhere. Its monotony is interrupted by the appearance of a powerful artifact that can alter the order of things and change society forever.

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