Apple’s next iPhone camera comes from NASA technology

Apple’s next iPhone camera comes from NASA technology

No one knows what the iPhone 12 looks like yet. With the pandemic wreaking havoc around the world, it might take a while before we see a glimpse of the upcoming flagship from Apple. However, against all odds, Apple has found a way to tease the latest in its release schedule. Though not a direct leak, the new tease is the most surprising detail released yet.

Two days ago, Apple quietly launched the new iPad Pro series. As always, the new series promises a treasure trove of new features. However, one feature has revealed a key detail with the iPhone line.

Specifically, the iPad Pro is touting the new LiDAR Scanner as its best feature. Having bragged about a revolutionary camera, Apple will very likely use the same scanner for the iPhone 12.

On the iPad Pro, the camera setup consists of a triple (12-megapixel wide + 10-megapixel ultra-wide + LiDAR Scanner) rear camera combination. According to Apple, the scanner can accurately measure object distances from up to five meters away. In both indoor and outdoor situations, it can operate in nano-second speeds.

Like its competitors’ ToF variants, Apple’s LiDAR Scanners will also improve AR functionality. With a lot of uncertainty now, who knows how AR will affect the industry?

In another big boast, Apple says that “it’s being used by NASA for the next Mars landing mission.” Given the impressiveness of photos from Mars missions, this is quite the boast.

Of course, no one knows when the iPhone 12 will launch. The current pandemic has pushed almost everything in everyone’s release calendars. If anything, this latest detail is a huge hype machine for the upcoming iPhone 12.

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