Among Us will have an account system so you can report toxics

Among Us will have an account system so you can report toxics

Among Us became famous almost overnight and its creators are working to make it meet the standards that its broad community seeks. For example, they are already working on an account system that will serve to report toxic players.

In a post on Steam, InnerSloth talked about the future of Among Us. There they gave some details about features that they are developing so that they will soon come to the game

One of the points that stands out is that they want to implement an accounting system, which they hope will be available in December. With it, players can report other players for toxic behavior or cheating.

InnerSloth warned that initially this feature will be somewhat terse. That said, over time they hope to strengthen it with features like friend lists.

The study also recalled that they are working on a new map, which could be larger than Polus. This location will have new tasks and will be free content.

It should be mentioned that InnerSloth also announced that a new update for Among Us is now available.

This is an update that adds the option for the votes to be anonymous, so that the games are more interesting. New taskbar modes have also been added, so it doesn’t bother you.

On the other hand, several bugs in the game were also fixed and cosmetics were added to the meeting screen.

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