AMD Wrong Again: New Chipset Drivers Failing Again

AMD Wrong Again: New Chipset Drivers Failing Again

AMD is not fine lately when it comes to software. A little over a month ago, we reported the increasing number of users who were selling their Navi GPUs due to the number of problems they were facing. Two weeks ago they released new chipset drivers that failed to install and even created sporadic restarts. Today, the company is releasing a new version to fix these motherboard issues and they fail again, what has happened now?

If there is something good about AMD, it is undoubtedly its designs in hardware and hence its great products, especially in CPUs. But at the same time, if there’s one thing AMD does wrong, it’s its software. For years it has lagged behind its rivals and although it has increased its workforce and has taken several steps forward in this section, at the moment it has various problems that are causing many users to consider purchasing their hardware.

And is that the software is as important or more than the hardware, therefore errors like the ones we have seen since the beginning of the year are not doing the company too well. Today we have the latest with the new drivers for its chipset with version

We will have to wait for a new version to be able to enjoy the improvements that these models bring, but not before creating at least one system restore point, at least

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