Amazon patents a system to group toxic players on different servers

Amazon patents a system to group toxic players on different servers

Amazon came up with a potential solution for those toxic players who ruin other people’s games. The new patent seeks to group toxic players together to play with each other on isolated servers.

A new patent application, discovered by Protocol, details Amazon’s proposal to create a system that allows “the selection of behavior-conscious players for multiplayer electronic games.” The company understands that if toxic players compete with each other in isolation, they will not bother those who prefer to play in a friendlier environment.

In other words, what Amazon intends is that the matchmaking system does not take into account the level or the ability of the players as the only aspects when it comes to grouping the players. Instead, the behavior of each user would be an important factor in making such a match.

In this way, “a toxic player will be paired only with other toxic players”, it can be read in the patent. But of course, the document itself recognizes the existence of certain difficulties for the actual application of this system.

For example, a difficulty is the very definition of what it means to be toxic, since for some players the toxicity can be limited to insults or harassment, while for others it can also occur when a player disconnects before ending a game. In this particular case, Amazon proposes that the players themselves can set their matchmaking preferences.

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